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AOL And Hotmail Email Blocking

How to avoid having your email blocked by hotmail and AOL. This is essential information if you are in business on the internet.

Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Hotmail filter all messages that are sent to you via their services. They filter the email on content. If an email fails a content test, that mail is deleted and you will not get it.

This also applies to many other services. If you use email that does not have your company name after the @ sign, your email will most likely be filtered. That means if your email reads like you@yourcompanyname.com you are ok. If it reads yourcompany@someemailservice.com you are probably NOT ok,

The filters are VERY aggressive. A great deal of mail that you may want to get may not be delivered to you.

This affects you two ways.

1) If you use Yahoo, AOL Gmail and/or Hotmail, they determine what information you can read. In practice, they delete a great many commercial emails (such as routine business correspondence) and newsletters that you may wish to read. In essence, your email is censored.

You may not be able to receive catalogs, tutorials or information from factories or suppliers. This is commercial email and you will never see that it was sent to you.

2) If you are in business and you want to send a newsletter, new catalog, special offering, or just an update, your customers may not receive what you send. Yahoo, AOL Gmail and Hotmail censor you and prevent you from freely communicating with your customers.

The choice to use Yahoo, AOL Gmail or Hotmail is yours, of course. You may wish to hide behind their content screens. And that may be particularly important for the safety of your children. So we are not telling you to cancel those accounts.

But, if you are in business, you should have control of what you receive.

A solution is to have another email account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that allows you to decide what you want to receive. You can get good accounts that do not censor what you want to read while at the same time provide additional services.

But Do Read On

If you think that I am blowing smoke, read this exchange of correspondence that was posted in the help section of the GetResponse autoresponder service. A businessman who is a subscriber to the GetResponse autoresponder service was having a lot of trouble with his emails to hotmail accounts being blocked. Presented here is a copy of his complaint to GetResponse about the problems that he was having and the business that he was losing.

Topic :Blocked Email

Customer complains to GetResponse.

Every time I sent out a copy of my newsletter, I grow more frustrated with Get Response. Despite all your glowing sales copy about how getresponse "gets through" when other autoresponders fail, I continue to have a high rate of bounce backs of perfectly good email addresses. Whether you admit it or not, getresponse is blocked on a great many servers.

Hotmail.com is still blocking getresponse.com, and as I stated on 12/28, I recently lost over 100 other VALID email addresses of our dealers because they were purged after three bounce backs.

I am going to have to contact my "bounced" dealers and have them get in touch with their ISPs. What do I tell them to say to their ISPs?

Have you made any headway in finding out why hotmail is uniformly blocking getresponse?


GetResponse responds

Hello CJ,

We recommend you forward your blocked bounces to your prospects to present to their ISPs.

We have been able to unblock GetResponse! but we are still experiencing a few errors with certain addresses. We will keep you informed on the process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and for choosing GetResponse! for your autoresponder needs.

Best Regards,

GetResponse! Support Team


Customer starts to get irritated.

I sent myself a test email to my personal Hotmail account this morning. It still hasn't been received. Tomorrow I will be sending another newsletter mailing and if my 30 dealers with hotmail accounts bounce AGAIN, you will be hearing from me.

The hotmail account that refused to deliver today was: silverXXXX - at - hotmail.com


GetResponse responds

Hotmail is blocking through content and not domain. Be sure to spam check your messages. Best Regards,

GetResponse! Support Team


Customer blows his top

I'm going to repeat what I just wrote in a new thread. You are full of it. Hotmail is blocking Get Response. I just sent a plain text message that said only Test of Hotmail in the subject line and test in the body.

That's all!

It didn't arrive. It didn't go into Spam.

It was blocked.

I can give you a list of over 300 emails -- half of them plain text with almost ZERO spam triggers of any kind. For you to blame US is ridiculous. and insulting

Hell CJ


Customer apologizes.

I refer to my other thread and correct myself. Also apologize. The test did finally come through, but hotmail's content restrictions must be outrageous because one of my clients is getting hundreds of bounces off of simple text emails.

Again, apologies for getting so hot under the collar. I have too many legitimate communications that are bouncing.


End of discussion.

Let us just say that the businessman who is frustrated here at least knows the problem. He may be able to contact his customers by phone and give them advice. I am sure that there are many other business people that do not know the problem and are losing business because of it. You may have been among that number.

If you are in business, or considering going into business and want to send information to your customers, or, for that matter, anyone who contacts you from an Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account, send them to this web page so that they understand what is happening to them. Bookmark this web page and add it to your favorites so that you can remember where it is.

And if you have Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and/or Hotmail, keep them for personal use and get a business account for business use. Not only will it improve your communications reliability, it will improve your image.

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