Poland Business


Polish Business Customs

About Polish business customs and how to work with Polish businesses.

Polish business is carried out following customs that vary with the region of the country.

Polish business customs have developed to a large extent from the attitudes that were prevalent under the days of central planning and before the transition to a market oriented business economy.

Primarily, there is little sense of marketing. Customers are expected to find a supplier and come to the supply.

Companies are management heavy ways little emphasis being placed on find it in distributors or a sales force.

There are there is a lack of marketing budget for most companies. The prices do not reflect a discount for a marketer. So if you are a trade company or a wholesaler interested in buying product you will find that you buy at the same price that the factory will be selling to your competitors or at your customers.

Companies primarily market by giving out expensive brochures. They are concerned about image. They do not work to develop mailing lists and build customer lists. That concept is to get information out into get people to come to them.

Recognizing that they are in heavy competition with cheap product out of the Far East, these companies focus on quality. You will find that the company's pride themselves on quality.