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Polish Business Etiquette

The rules of Etiquette when doing business in Poland.

The rules of etiquette for doing business in Poland are generally the same rules that you must adhere to in any international business relationship. They all boil down to the same general rule. That is to treat the other person the way you would like to be treated.

There are, as one can expect, some local customs and expectations.

Business etiquette in Poland demands that you use the Polish language. That means if you are going to sell in Poland you should respect the Polish language.

If you are selling a product to Poland, the words of former German Chancellor Willy Brandt are most appropriate. He told a group of businessmen "When I am to you, I must speak English. But when you are selling to me, dann mussen Sie sprechen Deutsche." (then you must speak German.)

You should use at least a Polish gateway web page, translate your documents, and use business cards that have your country's language on one side and Polish on the other.

In the process of negotiations - negotiate. Do not insult!

The process should be one of politeness rather than one of slamming an offer on the table on a take it or leave it basis. Polish companies will negotiate with you but they will not capitulate to take it or leave it demands. You must be slow, straightforward, and reasonable in your negotiations. Presenting unrealistic offers to a Polish company will meet with immediate rejection and you will probably be ignored in the future.

Coat and tie are expected win you visit a Polish company for the first time.

When greeting people in mixed company, (meaning men and women) in Poland it is appropriate to greet the woman first. That of course is a modified if you have a male president with his female secretary. But if the meeting is with people of equal stature, is appropriate to greet the women first.

Always remember name days. Information about name days is at this link. Name Days