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Business Wear

What to wear when visiting businesses in Poland.

A discussion of business wear in Poland.

Business wear will vary from company to company. But there are some basic guidelines that always apply.

Doing business in any country is based on mutual respect. Show people that you visit that you respect them by dressing well. Over dress at first. Dress down after you both sides are more relaxed.

On your first visit to Poland and and any company, it is recommended that you hire a translator or guide. That translator or guide will be able to give you specific information about what you should wear for each occasion.

But on a general note what you wear on your first meeting, in particular, sets your image. Generally a coat and tie are appropriate. Of course, during very hot weather, use your judgment.

Wearing a coat and tie shows respect for the company on the other side. After your first meeting when you see the tone of the dress for the company with which you are working, you then can use your own judgment as to what to wear.