Poland Business

Poland Business Opportunities and Assistance

If you are interested in business opportunities, Poland is a good place to look for them.

Not only does it occupy an excellent position within Europe, but the people of the Country are business-oriented. Having been held back under communism for so many years, the pent-up desire for success as shown itself in a very active economy.

Whether you are interested in doing business in Poland, the import export business, or providing information or services, you can approach it in many ways.

First and above all, we recommend highly that you join your own country's Chamber of Commerce. The people at these chambers know Poland well and they can provide you assistance perhaps better than anyone out there. Of course you can hire a consulting firm, but the chambers will do a lot for you without a lot of cost. See Trade Organizations

If your country does not have a chamber in Poland, then you should contact your own embassy. Here is a link to a list of embassies in Warsaw.

And to take advantage of the catalog delivery service that you can find when you click on the link under the image above.



For those in a rush, here is a link to Business opportunities as discussed by the Poland Chamber. Business Opportunities.

Please note that the business culture in Poland is such that Polish business people would rather talk to someone Polish than someone not Polish. That means if you wish to enter the Polish market and export your products here or even to establish a business here, for the most part you need a Polish staff.

If you are doing market research in which a Polish agent, you will find it difficult to find someone who was willing to work on commission. Polish companies pay their agents a commission plus a salary. You would be expected to do the same.

And if you wish to get samples into the country, you would be expected to pay all the shipping cost and the cost of the samples.

Forming and running a business in Poland requires a Polish lawyer and it requires Polish people to be involved in the company. Before doing that you should hire a consulting firm. Actually if you join your Chamber of Commerce or contact your embassy they will give you the best and latest information.