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Small Business Help And Assistance Center

Small Business Help and Assistance Center. Small business owners are invited to come here for help and assistance.

If you have questions or need help in starting up or running a small business, please open a support ticket using the form below. Our business help staff will get back to you the next business day after you submit the ticket.

If you are interested in starting a small business, there are several tutorials to which you can subscribe. You are invited to take as many as you wish.

Each of the tutorials is written to help people with different, particular and specific business interests. They were written in response to the many requests for assistance and answers to questions regarding business startup and operations. In addition to the information provided in the tutorials, you will find that frequently asked questions were used as the basis to make dedicated help pages that are in this site.

We are currently in process of changing web site hosts. As we do that we have had to take our ticket system off line. It will be back in a day or so, we hope. In the mean time, please contact us by email. If you click on this link it will start the process of contacting us for help.