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Business Culture In Poland

What you should know about the business culture in Poland.

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The business culture in Poland is generally defined by a well network business community. Private enterprise dominates the scene. There are over 2 million private businesses in Poland.

Polish people are very quick to take an opportunity if they see one. that means that they will get involved in international trade very quickly if they see a product that can be sold.

At the same time, if they see a product that they can manufacture locally and make a better profit by doing that, they will be very quick to do it.

Behind all this, is the fact that they prefer to deal with people from Poland. That of course is typical of business people around the world that they preferred to deal with their own country people.

What it means to you is that if you wish to export to Poland, you really have to have an agent in Poland to do the selling for you.

And you can expect that agents do not work on commission. So entry into the Polish market means that you have to have a marketing budget and be ready to spend money on people.


You can get more information about Polish culture in general at Polish culture.

The business culture in Poland is entrepreneurial and trade oriented.

The Polish businessman can generally be described as creative and fiercely independent.

You will find that many companies are management heavy. They pay little attention to marketing. They expect buyers to come to them.

In many cases they have no marketing budget. They do not build into their price lists a factor for marketing, discounts and commissions. They sell to jobbers at the same price that they sell to the end user. There are no discounts.

The the expectation that the buyer come to them often creates problems for foreign firms interested in buying Polish products in the sense that they have difficulty in finding many good companies.

If you are interested in finding suppliers, use the Poland Chamber Free Information Service.