Poland Business


Doing Business With Poland

About doing business with Poland with practical tips and hints.

It is quite easy to do business with Poland. You will find that most companies that deal internationally are professionally run, have English speaking people on staff and are quite reliable.

Some of the companies have far reaching networks of distributors that make it easy for you to buy products in your home country.

Poland is particularly attractive with which to do business particularly for countries within the European Union. The shipping times, for one thing, make buying products from Poland very attractive. In that shipping can be by truck and is relatively fast, one compresses the supply chain. Comparatively speaking if one buys from countries that require sea freight shipping via container, the supply chain is much extended. So working with Poland allows companies to reduce their capital requirements for shipping or inventory in shipping.

Visiting factories in Poland is also very easy for European companies. Poland a member of the EU, sets its visa requirements in accordance with the Schengen rolls so there are no visa requirements especially required for any company within the European Union to visit a Polish factory.

Here are some other advantages:

checkFor companies in Europe, and North America, the time from order to delivery can be much shorter than those from the Far East.

checkIt is very easy to visit Poland and visit the factories.

checkIt is easy to find good procurement agents who will ease your purchase process.

checkEU customs processes make it particularly good to work with Poland for EU companies.

checkCompanies emphasize quality and service over price.

checkMost companies are privately owned.

checkWorkers are respected.

Polish businesses generally have English be speaking staff members who are able to communicate on an international level. Additionally due to the heavy trade between Poland and Germany, many people also speak German.

Exporting products to Poland is also relatively easy. Poland complies with the EU regulations and standards by law, custom and action.

As far as exporting products to Poland, it is important to recognize that the most successful exporters to Poland use local agents. In some cases these local agents are from the exporters home country. But by and far, it is most advantageous for you to have a Polish person acting as your agent. See Export To Poland

If you are interested in exporting to Poland your first step should be to contact your own embassy for help.

Your second step should be to contact the chamber of commerce that serves your country. Here is a link to embassies and chambers of commerce for the various countries. Business And Trade

If you are interested in traveling in Poland, you will find that traveling is easy, doing business is easy, and the people are polite and courteous. It is however, best to have a translator, guide or procurement service on retainer to make your experience more efficient and more pleasurable. Not only will you learn the business culture and do business well you will learn the contrary. Information about hostesses, translators and guides are in of the links in this page.

If you are going to set up a company in Poland, the first thing to do is contact your own embassy and your country's chamber of commerce in Poland. These organizations will have information packages for you and can make the proper referrals to the proper advisers. You should also discuss something about running a business in Poland with someone from your country who is in fact running a business here. You are embassy or chamber of commerce should be able to help you with such referrals.

You will need a lawyer. Some people will recommend that you use a Polish lawyer. Those who are not with a large international firms may be able to help you at a much lower see or hourly rate than you would pay for an international firm. That of course is your choice but do not avoid using a Polish lawyer. They are very well trained and know the market and are well connected to do what you need done.

If you do your market research about forming a company in Poland you will be referred to many organizations and government organizations including the Polish agency for foreign investment. Most of these agencies have an agenda. They want you to to encourage you to invest in Poland. They have good information packages and have good advice. But talk to experience business people who are here operating a business. They have first-hand opinions based on experience that is the important information that you have to factor in to your plan to go forward.