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Email And Business

The importance of email in your business dealings.

Your e-mail presents your image and your character. If you are doing business using e-mail as your communications medium, you should be very careful as to how you use it.

You must always remember that you can never make a second first impression. Your opening message to someone sets the tone of your business relationship.

Experienced businesspeople know that payment gateways tell them that the first indication of fraud is the use of a free e-mail account by a business client or anyone interested in buying something. With that in mind, if you open communications with someone using a free e-mail account, and not the e-mail address that includes your domain name, you immediately raise a red flag.

You put the recipient on the defensive and less willing to serve you.

And then if you are sloppy, blunt, and impolite, you are likely to be simply ignored.

All too often people write outrageous e-mails with threats demanding service or they are going to notify Better Business Bureaus, chambers of commerce, or police. They do this expecting that by making threats they will get immediate attention.

In the world of business, they get attention but they are also put on the no deal list. People do not have to deal with you and they do not have to assume that customer is always right.

If you wish to buy a product, the best first step is to complete a request for quotation as best as you can. There is no doubt that you will not have all the information that you need to complete the request, but you do have enough information about yourself and your company to show the seller that you are serious. Here is a link to a request for quotation.

The most important rule that you can follow when writing e-mail is to write it, save it, and then read it the next day. Read it to see if it makes sense and is polite. Read it to see if that's how you want to present yourself.

Once again, you can never make a second first impression.