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A list of European News sources and blogs with emphasis on Eastern Europe

This section has a collection of the main news services in Poland plus a large collection of European news sources and blogs. It also gives you information about the main blogs that provide commentary on life in Europe.

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European News And Blogs


Der Spiegel
The Free Media
The Polish News Roundup
The Outlook
Poland Monthly
The News
Polski Radio Zagranica
News Now Poland
Google News Polish
Polish Press Agency
Warsaw Business Journal
Gazeta Wyborcza
Zycie Warszawa
Polskie Radio PL
Warsaw Voice
Polish News Bulletin
Nasz Dzienik
Voice Of America Europe
Marcinkiewicz Blog
The End Game
Janusz Jankowiak
Polish Matters
Traveling Life
Warsaw Daily
Warsaw Crow
Warsaw Station
Man In Gdansk
Global Voices Poland
From Ireland
Pol Blog
Warsaw Weather CNN
Center For New Europe
Nameday Calendar
NBP Rates
Weather Gazeta Wyborcza