Poland Business


How To Export To Poland

How to export to Poland and find Polish importers the easy way.

This is an introduction to how to export to Poland with links to specific information related to what interests you in the export process.

Before we get into details, if you're going to export the Poland you have to understand that you need a marketing budget. Do not expect the Polish government, the Polish people, chambers of commerce, private companies, or anyone to subsidize your market entry costs. Do not expect them to send you free lists of Polish importers.

It is your job to pay the necessary consultants and joining chambers of commerce and do whatever is necessary to buying these lists, to advertise, and to promote.

With that in mind, the best way to export to Poland is to have a Polish distributor.That means a person who is in country, speaks the language, and works specifically for you. You can try selling solely by the Internet but that is no match for having a Polish person making personal calls, showing samples and discussing services. A distributor will be able to at the right trade shows and will be able to do the local promotion for you.

The question of course is how do you find a distributor.

As a first step contact your country's embassy in Poland and the chamber of commerce for your country. If it is allowable, join the chamber of commerce. They can be found at Business And Trade Groups.

The embassies and chambers of commerce have staff experts that can help you immediately.

If you decide to take the self-help approach, then you should look at advertising in the Polish newspapers, advertising in the Polish search engines, and setting up your own gateway pages that you can use for targeted mailing programs. And always be sure to reference a Polish language website.

Consider paying someone in country to work for you to find distributors. Build that into your market entry budget.

And do register you company at the top right and get your catalog distributed. That is free advertising.