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How to find a distributor in Poland

Tips And Hints To Find A Distributor In Poland.

This page gives you practical tips and hints on how to find a distributor for your product in Poland. If you follow these steps faithfully you should be well ahead of your competition in entering the Polish market.

And because Poland is really a trade gateway to other countries in Eastern Europe and Europe itself, getting established in Poland can establish you quite firmly in Europe and Eastern Europe.

It is our experience, that most companies attempt to enter the European market by sending blind e-mails to chambers of commerce and companies. This is an absolute waste of time.

That is so because these groups received thousands of e-mails from companies every month. And these companies make no effort whatsoever to establish credibility by showing that they are serious.

Beyond that, they are totally impolite, insensitive and unbelievably ignorant of the cultural norms and Web etiquette in Eastern Europe.

For an example, it is absolutely arrogant to send an offer to a Chamber of Commerce and requested that Chamber of Commerce act is your marketing agent mice circulating your offer to the Chamber of Commerce members and adding it in its website.

These messages are generally considered spam and trashed.

It is not hard to get ahead of your competition and to be taken seriously. You have to start by doing business in Poland the way it is done in Poland and start complying with the cultural norms of the country.

First take the time to get your company added to the Polish search engines and to the QuickLink business register.

Secondly consider placing an inexpensive advertisement in one of the major Polish newspapers in the commercial section. If you can afford to manufacture and ship product to Eastern Europe you should be able to afford the cost of placing an advertisement in a major Polish newspaper for a month or so.

Choose featured listings in business directories such as the QuickLink business registerr which is promoted by the Polish import export chamber of commerce online. There are others that you can use. But to start with this one so that you can refer to a complete listing in your newspaper advertisement and in any e-mail.

Also advertise your distributorship ended job offers section of newspapers and in websites of the various chambers of commerce such as the one that you see here.

Here is a link to the chambers of commerce and embassies in Poland.

As a final step, hire a project management service to solicit distributor candidates directly for you in the country. Pay them to get on the phone and find distributor candidates for you.

Obviously, all of the above generally cost money. But if you intend to to sell internationally you should have a marketing budget. If you do not have a marketing budget than you are wasting your time in attempting to find a distributor in Poland simply by sending e-mail.

So start at the top by any of the companies to search engines and to the QuickLink business register. And it is best to take upgraded listings and advertise in both.

Then get your information out to the local chambers of commerce in their job offers sections.