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Market Entry Poland

How to enter and export to the Polish market.

About entering the Polish market. Discussed here are some basic principles that apply to market entry into Poland and other countries, in general.

A basic requirement for market entry into Poland, or any other country for that matter, you must resprect the local language. The words of former German Chancellor Willy Brandt are most appropriate. He told a group of businessmen "When I am to you, I must speak English. But when you are selling to me, dann mussen Sie sprechen Deutsche." (then you must speak German.)

Before you start the process of market entry into Poland, it is always best to communicate with a chamber of commerce in Poland for your country and/or your embassy in Poland. They will have specific information for you and can give you leads to people who will help you with your market entry problem. The link to these business and trade groups is Trade Organizations.

You must have a market entry budget. Do not expect to enter the Polish market free. You will have to pay to have a website put into Polish, brochures in Polish and you will have to pay someone to put your products on the Polish market. That is not to say that you may not be able to find some trader from your own country who will import your product. Generally speaking, however, you are going to have some market entry budget.

Remember it's not the product. It's the competition. There are very few products that are not offered in Poland. So you're going to have to compete. And you're going to have to compete in the Polish language using people who speak Polish in Poland

Those who pay to have a Polish agent or trader on the ground and pay to have their information put in Polish will be ahead of you.

In that light it is best to have a Polish agent working for you making the calls and doing the promotion for you. That is of course unless you are selling to traders who are from your own country and speak your language. If these traders are in Poland, they probably speak Polish and will be able to do market entry for you.

Specific information about how to export to Poland is at Export