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Poland Trade - A Practical Approach

About trading with Poland including tips and hints on trade.

As with any trade discussion, there are two sides to the activity. There is the import side and the export side.

This page gives you an overview of trade opportunities. For information about specific products offered by Polish company's you are invited to review the information published in the Poland Chamber website that you find at this link. Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

Additionally there is information about Procurement Services in the top navigation bar of this page. We recommend strongly that if you are looking to purchase products the first time that you consider the use of a procurement service. The reasoning for that recommendation can be found in the procurement service link.

Procurement service information can be found at Procurement.


If you are going to be involved in trade with Poland, we recommend strongly that you join the chamber of commerce that is related to your country and that is located in Poland. And we further recommend that you contact the Embassy for your country located in Poland. Links to those entities can be found at business and trade groups in the navigation bar above..

These business and trade groups, as well as your embassies, can give you first hand and current knowledge of trade opportunities. They are in country and are involved on a daily basis in evaluating economic opportunities for their members and constituents.

International companies can request information about trade opportunities by using the free information service that you find at this link. Free Information Service

Specific information about exporting your product to Poland can be found here. How To Export To Poland