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Procurement Services

About procurement services and how to use them in Poland.

This page discusses what a procurement service is and how procurement services can help you. As you read through this information you will find that a procurement service can be one of the best things that you can use to place your first order with a factory. You may also find, as do many major firms, that a procurement service is a long term money saver and outsourced quality assurance service.

Many people shy away from the use of a procurement service because they don't like the idea of a middleman. They want to deal factory direct.

Fine, but consider this. A procurement service can either be used on either a temporary or permanent basis. Once a procurement service gets you in the door at a factory and get you through that first order, depending on a contract that you make with the procurement service, you may or may not use a procurement service again. The procurement service will have provided you all the benefits listed below and you will then have a supplier that you can use over and over again without having to use a procurement service.

Let's ask a few questions about the process of buying a product to help you make your decisions.

Do you know all the factories that can provide the product?

Do you know about the factories that are not on the first three pages of the search engine results when you look for factories providing your product?

Do you know which factory is most reliable?

Do you have buying power that will get you attention from the busy factories are slow to take new customers?

How fast can you get samples? If you can get samples at all.

Are you tired of wasting time exchanging e-mails without getting definite information or making progress?

Are you on a tight schedule and need product quickly?

Do you have someone in country who will be able to push the order and get out in time?

How will you check quality before it is shipped?

A procurement service offers solutions to these challenges.

If you create a relationship with a procurement service you can have an outsourced staff member. You're actually outsourcing part of your product acquisition staff to a third party.

You benefit by having someone in country who knows the terrain, knows the economy, knows the companies, those whose reliable and not, and has buying power. You have a very experienced staff member that you pay for performance only.

In short, a procurement service can be much cheaper and much more effective than paying a staff member to come to Poland.