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Residential Real Estate Investing In Poland

About investing in Polish real estate and the rate of return.

This page discusses some aspects of residential real estate investing in Poland. Do note that in light of the volatile world financial markets, any information related to investing in anything is time sensitive.

Update - The latest study that we have related to the return on investment related to residential properties located in Warsaw can be found at this link. The Best Real Estate Investments In Poland.

To date, August, 2011, Poland remains outside the Eurozone but is part of the European Union. So it benefits from its EU membership but is not having the financial problems that Eurozone members are having.

Residential and commercial real estate construction continues to be strong. And investors are still looking at new opportunities.

EU funding for roads and construction and upgrades for the Euro 2012 football championships are providing many jobs and keeping cash flowing. People are active and positive.

There are no current indications of a real estate bubble.

Though the opportunities currently seem good, you are advised to consult experienced investment counsel prior to making any investment in real estate.