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Sites Like craigslist

Sites like craigslist for free advertising.

 Here is a list of free advertising sites. They are often referred to sites like craigslist since on each of them you can place free classified advertisements.

You can use these sites to sell your products, but if you use them right, there are other ways to make money using them.

Perhaps the industry standard is craigslist, even though some of the sites here are definitely competitors. If you learn how to use craigslist to make money, you can apply the same approaches, to one degree or another to the other sites.

Below this list of sites that are like craigslist there are resources for further reading.


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Wholesale 33



Gippers List

Google Base
eBay Local Classifieds
US Free Ads
Adland Pro
Domestic Sale
Classified Ads
Choose Your Item
INet Giant
Free Advertising Forum
Buy Sell Community


Recommended Reading About Making Money On Free Classifieds Sites

Craigslist is geneally the standard. If you understand how to use it, you will understand how to use the others. So in order to keep you focused, listed are books on Craigslist.

Note that each of these books comes with an 8 week guarantee. Get them, use them and if they do not work for you, ask and you will be immediately refunded.

That means that you can try them and start making money that will more than pay for the books.

Selling On Craigslist

By now most of us have discovered Craigslist. And hopefully you can see the great potential to make money that it has. Craigslist gets over 5 billion page views a month. That means there are a lot of people doing business, which means a HUGE amount of money changing hands, and most importantly, a ton of great deals waiting to be found!

The trick is finding the deals. This book takes you through the process.

Easy Money On Craigslist

A real world approach to making actual in-your-pocket cash money online using simple techniques on Craigslist.

The best thing about this book is that you can put this plan into action and make money tomorrow. And that is not a gimmick. No building a site. No waiting for traffic. No waiting for commissions. The steps set before you in this book are so simple, you can take the information, apply it, and put cash into your pocket.