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Tick Borne Diseases In Poland

Ticks are one of the most dangerous parasites to mankind. And they are all around Poland.

And where you find ticks, you are likely to find Lyme Disease as well as other co-infecting diseases. In Poland the disease is commonly known as Borreliosis whereas the same disease is known in the US as Lyme Disease.

Poland is no exception.

Of concern is that people can be infected by larvae and nymphs that they normally do not see because they are so small. So the disease can establish itself, totally unknown to the person until he falls ill with symptoms typical of the disease.

In Poland there are ticks carry at least three stains of the bacteria. They carry the two main european strains, B. garinii, and B. afzelii, and the American strain, Borrelia Burgdorferi. And each strain causes different reactions in those people infected.



Treatment varies with the doctor and the school of thought as to the best way to cure the disease to which the doctor ascribes.

The Polish National Health Service, however, only refunds for treatment under their sanctioned guidelines that call for a short term course of antibiotics. The service does not support the idea that there is a chronic state of the disease. See Lyme Disease Controversy.

The disease is said to be elusive in that it mimics many other diseases. As such, people, and doctors, often miss the early stages of infection and, therefore, miss treating it at its most vulnerable time.

It is found all around the world. It behooves everyone to understand it.

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