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Tours For Business People In Poland

This page discusses business tours for Poland. If you are interested in recreational tours, you are invited to look at the Master Page tours.

General torus of factories and businesses in Poland are not readily available.

If you want to make a business tour, here are some tips.

The factories generally are not in the business of giving tours. Their manufacturing processes are proprietary and private. In some cases for a major buyer who has made a major purchase or is contemplating a major purchase, tours are available he available.

But they are not granted out of hand. The buying process must be pretty well advanced before you get time and/or access.

If you are interested in touring a factory, it is best that you use the services of a procurement company that has some relationship with the factory. The factories are more in line with likely to grant a tour to someone using a procurement service because they know that the buyer is more likely serious and not a time waster.

For example, amber buyers often favor the Amber Buying Trip. Similar trips can be arranged for other product categories.

And if you wish to visit particular factories or have some other tour requirement, contact us using the contact link in the bottom navigation bar and tell us what you would like.