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Trade Organizations Poland

Trade organizations and business groups related to Poland.

In this page are links to the most important trade organizations in Poland. They are the foreign chambers of commerce in Poland and the embassies.

If you are going to do business in or with Poland you should be sure to contact your home country's embassy and to join the Chamber of Commerce related to your country, if their membership rules allow.

Joining the Chamber of Commerce will allow you to network with other business people related to your country and you will be able to exchange experiences and get good information.

Your embassies are likely to have a well developed commercial staff that can provide you valuable information. You are encouraged to contact them to see what they can offer you.



Private Chambers of Commerce

Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce On Line

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Italian Institute of Foreign Trade

Embassies In Poland

Here you will find addresses and telephone numbers for embassies, ambassadors and consulates in Poland. If you are doing business in Poland or expect to be in Poland for an extended stay, you are advised to register with your embassy so that they may contact you if necessary. Some issues important notices via email. You are advised to check with your embassy as to how to receive these notices. Embassies

Government Chambers Of Commerce

Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza

Polish Chambers Of Commerce Outside Poland

Polish American Chamber Of Commerce of Florida And The Americas