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Translator - Guides- Show Hostesses

About finding translators, guides and show hostesses in Poland. This page gives some background and some specific ways to find them.

Polish translators and guides are readily available. There are many private firms that offer these services.

If you are coming to Poland on business it is highly recommended that on your first trip you whom retain the services of a translator/guide. Even though you will pay a daily fee for the person, you will find that for the most part that person is probably able to save you as much money in cash as well in time because of knowledge of the local social and business terrain.

As with most of the recommendations that we make to businesses doing business in Poland, contact your embassy and contact the Chamber of Commerce that serves your country. These people are likely to have translators available for recommendation. In some cases they have translators on staff that can help you. Information about embassies chambers of commerce and other trade groups is at this link. Business And Trade Groups.

It is our opinion that you can't go wrong by investing in membership in your country's chamber of commerce. With chamber of commerce membership you will set an image both in Poland and within your own country. And that is very important.

If you do not want to use those services you can use self-help. It's fairly obvious that you can search the Internet. That is fine.You will find translators, guides and show hostesses through many posted offers..

A another way to find them is to look for referrals from people in Poland. Go into the chat rooms for Poland. Chat with some people there and look for referrals. Someone in the chat rooms will know a student who needs work. And one student will lead to more. Here are chat rooms.

Beyond that go to one of the dating sites and joy join a dating site, not to find someone to date, but it will give you to access to people within the dating sites. And once again you can get referrals. You can find dating sites here. Poland Personals

Both of these are inexpensive and very effective.